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Corporate Culture  

      Nourish life, benefit all natures
      Combing oriental health preserving wisdom and occidental food science, Rekon takes food material as the carrier and intensive service as the characteristic. It focuses in health keeping culture, and provides customers with methods leading to good health.
      On the basis of understanding of life and health, and subtle and gentle operating philosophy, Rekon creates health value for clients, meanwhile creating development philosophy for itself.
      With sincerity and kindness, Rekon constantly takes research into the wisdom of life. With professional responsibility, Rekon provides sustained vitality for the health of modern people, and then creates healthy motive power for enterprises.
      Mission :
promoting culture and philosophy of food industry
      Vision : nourish everyday life
      Development strategy : promoting brand, refining services
      Core value : gratitude, responsibility, transcendence
      Spirit : deliberate innovation
      Slogan : nourish life, benefit all natures

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